Dioko Building Villa Adelina Subdivision
Pulo,Cabuyao Laguna

Dioko Building Villa Adelina Subdivision
Pulo,Cabuyao Laguna

Privacy Policy

Effective date: 5 April 2019
Purposes and Scope
StaffCallture Inc., a company established under the laws of the Philippines, from now on referred to as the “Company”, aims to comply with appropriate rules and regulations related to Personal Data protection in countries where the Company operates.

Data protection is a top priority for the management of our Company. We highly respect your privacy and make every effort to protect all the personal and sensitive information you have provided while visiting our Website.

This Privacy Policy defines the procedures concerning the collection and use of your personal information and describes your privacy rights. Via this document, we are informing the website visitors and users of the nature, scope, and purpose of the personal information we collect and process.

The Company realizes that data protection is an ongoing responsibility. Thus, we will update this Privacy Policy from time to time as we adopt new privacy policies and data protection practices.

Personal Data
Personal Data is any information related to an identified person. Some examples of Personal Data are a name, phone number, address, and bank account. We collect specific data about visitors and users of our website as well as our clients and partners.

We process your personal information to guarantee the efficiency of our business relationships, commercial transactions, and marketing practices. Processing is always based on legitimate grounds or your agreement.

We use Personal Data that we obtain from:

Website visitors. We use information about the device type and browser a person is using, IP address, network connection, web analytic data, support requests, and cookies. Also, the Company may collect Personal Data submitted by a visitor via any feature available on the Company’s website.
Users and clients. We collect names, phone numbers, email addresses and other contact information as well as information about users’/clients’ devices, their visits to and use of the Company’s website (IP address, information about browser, etc.), payment details, answers to the surveys conducted for research purposes, and web analytics.
Users who connect with Chat Support. In this case, the Company collects a user’s name, email address, device and browser information, chat transcripts, and other Personal Data a user provides during chatting. The Company retains the right to request additional documents to verify a person’s identity.
Partners. We may ask our partners to provide us with the following types of Personal Data: name, company’s name, website URL, contact information (phone number, address, email address).

Reasons for Data collection
The Company processes the Data for:

Providing services. Personal Data helps us answer all your requests using a customer-oriented approach and serve you in the best possible manner.
Keeping the website running. Provided Personal Data guides us in creating a user-friendly experience.
Improving the website. Visitors and users behavior (clicks, visited pages, average time on the website, etc.) helps us discover the areas on our site that need to be improved.
Customer support. We may use Personal Data to respond to requests, notify clients of any changes to the service, and fix bugs related to customer care.
Marketing purposes. With your consent only, we may use personal information to send emails or messages about our services.
Prevent fraud. The Company uses gathered information for enhancing fraud prevention.

Collection of Personal Data
We collect personal information in these cases:

When a user performs actions including, but not limited to, the following: order services, register on the website, subscribe to updates, leave feedback, fill out a survey, or communicate with the Company via any available channels.
We collect Personal Data automatically as a visitor navigates through the website or uses the third-party services associated with our site.
Data collection from Third Parties
Although we collect personal information directly from you, sometimes we may obtain specific data about you from other sources.

When you log in to any third-party providers, services such as Facebook, Twitter or Google may provide us with your personal information. The amount of delivered data can vary depending on your privacy settings that are controlled by a service provider and you via the account settings of that provider.

To process the transaction, we receive financial details from payment providers. From Third Parties, we can also collect demographic information and fraud detection data that can help us confirm your identity.

Security of Personal Data
All personal information that you have provided the Company with will be used only for internal business purposes. This means that Personal Data can only be accessed by our employees. We verify the identity of every person who requests access to Private Data. To store all information we use reliable servers.

The Company does not share your data with others. To keep provided information secure, we apply specific protection standards to guarantee that it is kept safe from unauthorized use and sudden loss.
Additional inquiries
If you have any questions concerning Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact the Company via one of the available channels. Pay attention that by reading the privacy statement above, you agree to its terms and conditions.

The Company may disclose Personal Data only when it is required by law to respond to a government request and when the Company does not doubt that disclosure is vital for protecting its rights and safety or safety of others.

Use of Сookies
To provide you with personalized user experience when visiting our website, we use cookies. Cookies give us helpful insights about your visit such as user behavior, website navigation, and demographic info. These insights allow us to identify ways to improve our website and deliver a better experience.

You have an opportunity not to use cookies by disabling it in your computer settings. But keep in mind that blocking cookies may affect the functionality of our website. To find out more information about the use of cookies, please visit www.allaboutcookies.org.

Web Beacons
To track your use of the website, the Company also apply another technology called Web Beacons. The data we assemble via Web Beacons allows us to track the number of users who opened our newsletters and help us to learn the behavior of our website visitors, customers, and partners.

Privacy Policy revisions
As the data controller, we reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time without any prior notice. The revisions happen when we need to comply with the new rules and regulations. An updated version of our Privacy Policy will be posted on our website.